About Me

Ich bin Céline Bellotto und wohne in Magden auf einem Bauernhof im Aargau in der Schweiz. Meine große Liebe gilt Tieren.

After my apprenticeship as a car mechanic, I spent six months in Los Angeles with the aim of improving my English knowledge. Back in Switzerland, I continued my education in the commercial sector.
However, neither the work in the workshop, nor the work in the office ever completely satisfied me. I yearned for animals.
Even as a child, my greatest wish was to have my own dog, or even better, to have a house full of animals.

My two Bengal cats, Amy and Simba, and my dog, Kuma, a Shiba Inu, fulfil this need every single day. I enjoy any moment I can spend with them; they are part of the family.

Ich verfolgte meinen Traum weiter, mehr mit Tieren machen zu können, und wagte somit den Schritt in die Selbstständigkeit. Morgens arbeite ich jeweils in einem Pferdestall, was mir den Perfekten Ausgleich zum Spazierdienst bietet.

My classes at Certodog comprise ::

- Dog sitter/Dog walker
- Dog instructor
- FBA* - Animal caretaker
- FBA* - Breed warden
- FBA* - Animal transport for dogs

*FBA = Subject-specific independent vocational training for animal caretakers


Your trust is important to me!

A personal interview where we can talk about your beloved pet and its habits will also allow you to know me better. An open and honest communication is essential to me. It is equally important that I know your expectations and wishes and that you know who you are entrusting your pet to.

Animal welfare comes first!
Your companion should feel comfortable and safe with me. I will give it all the warmth and love it needs to feel secure in the family. Upon request, I will gladly send you pictures and/or videos of our joint excursions and walks.


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